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You're Alive, Stay That Way

"I woke up, but I – but I wish I hadn’t. This is all in my head, right? Honestly, my arms and legs are completely separated from my will to my want - to my want to move forward. Move forward? Right. Move forward, right? This room - the room matches my mind, and I used to break this, all of it. The light is now - the light is now on, uhm. The room is completely lit up. But for some reason I still - I still can’t see absolutely anything. Not even through my lids. I - I just don’t even want to be. I don’t even want to be here. Wait, what? Why? Within a matter of seven hours of sleep, I’m numb, not loved - wait. Not loved? I’m loved, right? Right? It just - it just arrived - it’s, it’s stupid. I’m stupid. Am I? Yesterday I was high on happiness, yesterday I wanted to see today. Today I want nothing. No passions. What is passion? Am I insane? I have to be insane. Within five minutes of this next twenty-four hour day, I’ve already asked myself more questions than I’ve asked myself in the past year of my whole entire life. I feel ageless. I feel lost. Actually - not even lost - because if I was lost, that would mean I existed, which I don’t. Wait, do I? Yesterday I did. Or did I?This is what depression sounds like. This is what – - 20% of teens will suffer from a depressive order prier to adulthood. - 30% of teens that suffer from being seriously depressed have comorbidity meaning they also suffer from alcoholism or other substance abuse. - Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in teenagers. - When it goes untreated it is the primary cause of suicide in teens where they are 12 times more likely to attempt suicide. - Only 30% of depressed teens get treatment. - 30! That’s a miniscule! - For every one suicide death in teens there are 10 more attempts. - Girls suffer from depression more often than boys, yet boys are more likely to die by suicide. - Teenage boys are less likely to seek help for their depressed feelings. - Almost 10% of the teen population has attempted suicide. - 20% have thought about it. - 15% of teens that suffer with a depressive disorder will develop bipolar disorder. - Approximately 1/3rd of depressed teens will have turned to alcohol or other substances. - Approximately 50% of depressed teens have a family history of depression. I was depressed.You feel like you can’t do anything about it. It’s a war - No mind.You’re surrounded by every single thought you thought you’d never have.Tell someone, something, it doesn’t even matter if it’s just a small sign. A bunch of small signs add up.If you’re reading this right now, that means you’re alive. Stay that way."
-Joel Faviere.


Joel Faviere is the Ex-Vocalist of Get Scared.
He Posts all these videos on YouTube for people who self harm/have depression.He also writes songs for Self Harm Awareness.
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Joel Faviere Quotes:
We're on the same level. Same hell, different devils.
Use the bricks people throw at you to build a fucking castle
You got it. You got this. Your life gets better. You aren’t a failure. You are beautiful.
Today is not a repeat of yesterday, Remember that.
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Here are some things that you can try if you feel as though you want to self harm. Not all of these will work, and you will need to do a bit of trial and error to see what will help, but just remember that there are always other things you can do apart from self harming.

• Draw on your arm in red marker.
• Squeeze some ice cubes.
• Eat a really sour lollipop.
• Take a shower or a bath.
• Go for a run.
• Write a journal.
• Scream into a pillow.
• Rip up some paper.
• Scribble on a piece of paper until the whole page is covered.
• Hug a stuffed toy, or a person, or a pet.
• Snap a rubber band on your wrist.
• Clap your hands until it hurts.
• Wax your legs. (I know it sounds weird but it can help :p)
• Blow up a balloon and pop it.
• Drink some tea.
• Write short stories with characters that are expressing exactly the same feelings/emotions as you.
• Write a letter, throw it away, or burn it afterwards.
• Do something creative, such as photography, drawing, etc.
• Read your favorite book.
• Write in a journal.
• Call a friend, and just have a conversation.
• Find a safe food that you can force yourself to eat (if you have an eating disorder. EX: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bananas, lemons, or anything else you’ve found is easy for you to eat, even if you didn’t want to.)
• Go for a walk.
•Listen to music.
• Watch your favorite movie.
• Write positive messages on stickies and put them on your bathroom mirror.
• Try the Butterfly Project.
• Try the Paper Chain Project.
• Talk to somebody (whether it’s a friend or a family member, a psych or a counselor, us, or even to nothing at the thoughts room) (…)
• Do push ups
• Dance
• Find something you can make yourself laugh at. Laughter really is the best medicine.
• Meditate
• Yoga
• Bake something
• Help out a neighbor with their lawn or anything they may have problems with themselves
• Do things that make you feel proud, such as leaving positive messages around your town for people to find.
• Build a birdhouse
• Do paper origami
• Make silly home videos
•  Attempt to do all of the blogilates work outs
Remember, you are strong and brave and wonderful, and you can make it through this. <3
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